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The Technology

FuseMap uses advanced mathematical concepts to create a functionality similar to that of the human brain. Leveraging the principles of Artificial Intelligence, it captures tens of thousands of data points through sensors that are strategically placed throughout a building or facility. FuseMap is the data science and supercomputing platform we use to build a brain inside your business. It unearths hidden patterns in your internal and external data so you can attain operational superiority. Every decision is better. Right customers, right time, right price, right promotions, right inventory, right materials

How does it work?

Sense, Predict, Recommend & Execute. Each application has three engines FuseMap senses the current state of your business, predicts what is likely to happen and why, recommends the best action for you to take and executes corrective actions if permission is given. The Sensory Engine finds patterns in your data and the outside world. It senses risks and opportunities that were hidden before. The Prediction Engine analyzes billions of possible moves you could take to change this future. Calculate what is likely to happen in your business and why. The Recommendation Engine surfaces the best actions to meet your objectives. Then the result you select is fed back into FuseBrain to learn and optimize. The Execution Engine collects the best actions to learn, optimize and execute to achieve a desired objective.

No data? No problem

Curated external data sources. We understand your data may be messy. We love messy. No need for giant, expensive master data management (MDM) projects just to get started. We fortify your data — structured and unstructured — with FuseMap Data Cartridges. The FuseMap Data Cartridges provide access to hundreds of feature-rich data sets to improve operations planning, such as:

  • Market Signals
  • Industry Signals
  • City Signals
  • Market Signals
  • Industry Signals
  • City Signals

Improve Your Business

Math. Data. Supercomputing. Business expertise. FuseMap combines the most recent innovations in each of these areas and the resulting learning algorithms may indeed seem magical. FuseMap is the world's most sophisticated Enterprise AI system to manage complex business operations.


Algorithms that learn. The core of FuseMap is advanced mathematical modeling. Powered by very high dimensional non-linear regressions, classifications, neural networks, and associations, FuseMap is able to find the optimal operating plan among billions of possibilities. We focus on glass box (vs. black box) algorithms that allow executives to understand risks (probabilities) and causality, and ultimately make more informed decisions to execute on defined strategies.

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Lots of data Learning algorithms are distinct from static rules-based software. They learn and improve over time as they process more data. Getting the right data sources is key to enterprise-class AI. FuseMap augments your internal company data with the FuseMap data cartridges—curated external data streams. Our Applications blend structured data (e.g., ERP, CRM, Economic, Demographic, Weather) with unstructured data (e.g., documents, social media, customer logs, images) to generate unprecedented accuracy of forecasts and to optimize operational planning.

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Massive processing power. Enter FuseMap, Emissions Consult’s AI-optimized high performance computing platform. Crunching the volume and types of data used to train enterprise algorithms was impossible even a few years ago. FuseMap has petaflops of computing power to enable rapid training and validation of a wide breadth of data science hypotheses. For reference, this is over 1,000 times faster than the fastest supercomputer in the world in the year 2000. If your competitors are still using spreadsheets or legacy Business Intelligence to analyze operations, your FuseMap platform will run millions of circles around them before they know what happened.

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Business consulting

Better operations planning. AI systems are powerful only if applied to the right business problems. FuseMap believes operations planning & execution is the highest value area to which these techniques may be applied. Complex operations plans must balance billions of possibilities across demand networks and supply networks. Our veteran product team has embedded centuries of lessons learned from hands-on operations planning into FuseMap applications. Our world-class consulting team from Emissions Consult LLC stands ready to make it work for you.

Living, Breathing, Technical Environment

Our AI based solution is a living, breathing, technical environment that operates on an ‘autopilot’, quickly recognizing imminent complications before they have a chance to present themselves. Scalable in nature, our system enables you to customize parameters, making modifications as needed, continually learning and enhancing mindware along the way.

Stress-Free Management

Users have the ability to respond to the data-driven observations by providing feedback and implementing changes that improve overall effectiveness. The system is scalable and can be run periodically, giving users the ability to customize parameters they can specify modifications:

  • Smart(er) production & automation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Predictive Asset Maintenance
  • Smart Thermostat Control
Performance Analysis

It is easy to determine if a facility requires maintenance, energy consumption audits, or replacements by reviewing the Key Performance Indicators, the resulting analysis, and the predictive modeling that is written into the database for visual review and interpretation.

  • Fleet Optimization
  • Energy Prediction & Optimization
  • Failure Investigation
  • Predictive Quality Monitoring
  • Predictive Fleet Maintenance

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Leverage the power of FuseMap to collect information about how existing systems make use of resources, gain insight into how to improve efficiency and employ automation and controls to create an environment where systems can evolve to be more effective.

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