The secret sauce to FuseMap is a careful blend of deep industry operations expertise and breakthrough technologies. We see learning algorithms replacing all static rules-based software to help executives make complex critical decisions in every company.

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Expand the experience of your application with real-time energy use data enabled by the FuseMap’s Cloud API. We are continually pushing to create the ultimate experience for developers, access the data you need to make great things happen.

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We started FuseMap with a mission to create and provide a pioneering flexible and smart system for buildings and industry capable of leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, increasing cost containment, and providing maximum comfort to facility occupants. We envisioned that the solutions we offer will have an industry-wide impact and that FuseMap will become internationally recognized for its commitment to smart building and industry. We believe the key to delivering our mission and the most value through discovery is to participate in the mental model of “fail fast, discover more.” As such, this model is embedded in the fabric of the business to enable a collaborative process that gives analysts the agility to access, assemble, verify, deploy, and share processes that allow them to explore data for insights rapidly. We realize the importance of access to data in achieving student success, which is why we make it our goal to provide free anonymized data for academic research. As researchers ourselves, we understand the importance of clean training data and also the difficulties of acquiring large-scale, high-quality datasets through traditional means. Current solutions are either trying to scale, tailored for enterprise companies, or costly. To help the academic community, we’ve started the FuseMap Data for Academics program. What this program gives is free anonymized data to university researchers that will allow the creation of specialized datasets for any research projects with the same reliability and speed of FuseMap Data.

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Leverage the power of FuseMap to collect information about how existing systems make use of resources, gain insight into how to improve efficiency and employ automation and controls to create an environment where systems can evolve to be more effective.

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