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FuseMap is a cloud-based, end-to-end flexible smart solution that uses artificial intelligence to manage complex operational aspects of buildings and industry on a real-time basis.

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AI-based Smart System to answer questions existing technology cannot explain.

We provide an artificial intelligence powered smart system for buildings and industry to answer questions existing technology cannot solve. Our solution allows organizations to collect information about how existing systems make use of resources, gain insight into how to improve efficiency and employ automation and controls to create an environment where building systems can evolve to be more effective.


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Plug Load Management

The plug load feature enables users to view personalized plug load usage and quantify and regulate individual plug loads.

Work Order Analysis

FuseMap analyzes work orders to determine employee sentiments, weighty issues, and analysis of main requests through artificial intelligence to solve equipment reliability problem, improve employee comfort, maintenance performance and get better maintenance results.

Energy Contract Storage & Management

FuseMap provides Solutions used to facilitate and manage energy procurement process.

Smart Thermostat Control

Our patented machine learning algorithms automatically adjust thermostat settings in buildings based on trends gathered by data points.

Utility Accounts & Workflow Management

FuseMap provides solutions for property managers to manage the process of opening and closing utility accounts.

Sustainability & Emissions Reporting

FuseMap tracks trends in energy and carbon impact, visualizes real-time energy data to understand consumption patterns and automates reporting for purposes of compliance and benchmarking standards such as energy star.

Employee Engagement

FuseMap provides building occupants with more personalized and local control of their office environment, as there is a demonstrable link between occupant comfort and workplace productivity.

Asset Mapping & Management

FuseMap provides solutions for property managers to identify, inspect, track and manage real estate assets including maintenance management.


Smart(er) production & automation. Whether you manufacture heavy equipment, industrial materials, or perishable goods, our AI applications enrich sensor data with external data sources and physics models to provide an unprecedented level of smart recommendations, optimization, and automation. Ask us about AI solutions in inbound & outbound logistics, cost volatility risk mitigation, scheduling optimization, quality enhancement, predictive maintenance, and equipment & assembly optimization.


Brick-and-mortar retailers benefit from our AI applications in demand prediction, inventory optimization, supply chain, and planning, while ecommerce organizations often start with customer engagement challenges like churn & retention. Pricing & promotions optimization, customer personalization, and maximizing customer lifetime value are other valuable areas rapidly improvable with Enterprise AI.

Transportation & logistics

The dominoes are beginning to fall as an increasing number of revenue management functions convert from static business rules — based on internal structured data, to learning algorithms — based on massive amounts of internal, external, structured and unstructured data. This silent transformation gives executives powerful tools to grow PRASM, RASM, & REVPAR. 


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