AI solutions for Industry

By unifying data acquisition and analytics into one platform, we provide all industry with better access to data, empowering our customers to continuously improve and gain the competitive advantage. Our AI based platform gives industry cutting-edge analytics that are easy to use. Perform detailed root-cause analysis down to the second, keep an eye on factory-wide performance in real-time, or understand output trends over days.

How do we do that

  • We Collect. Complete transparency between inputs and outputs from hundreds of different machines and data sources.
  • We Analyze. Use the platform to understand the root causes of your quality and downtime issues.
  • We Deliver. Easily share custom queries and insights with your team. Immediately understand the impact of changes you make to your production. Democratize data at every level

Smart(er) production & automation. Whether you manufacture heavy equipment, industrial materials, or perishable goods, our AI applications enrich sensor data with external data sources and physics models to provide an unprecedented level of smart recommendations, optimization, and automation. Ask us about AI solutions in inbound & outbound logistics, cost volatility risk mitigation, scheduling optimization, quality enhancement, predictive maintenance, and equipment & assembly optimization.


Brick-and-mortar retailers benefit from our AI applications in demand prediction, inventory optimization, supply chain, and planning, while ecommerce organizations often start with customer engagement challenges like churn & retention. Pricing & promotions optimization, customer personalization, and maximizing customer lifetime value are other valuable areas rapidly improvable with Enterprise AI.

Transportation & logistics

The dominoes are beginning to fall as an increasing number of revenue management functions convert from static business rules — based on internal structured data, to learning algorithms — based on massive amounts of internal, external, structured and unstructured data. This silent transformation gives executives powerful tools to grow PRASM, RASM, & REVPAR. 

Factory Integration

We plug a small data collection device into any machine or PLC that sends information wirelessly to our platform. No obstruction. No new machines. No consultants. Just your data in a cloud-based analytics tool, accessible from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Our Process


We send a team out to your factory to collect information about your setup and machines. This usually takes one day.


Our devices work with almost all major industrial machines. We pre-configure every device in advance to match your existing equipment.


Our team comes to your factory to connect our devices directly to your machines. We setup a Wifi-connection, and make sure each device is sending data in real-time. This usually takes 1-2 days.


Access our platform and see your factory data instantly.


The FuseMap Advantage