AI solutions for Buildings

Plug Load Management

The plug load feature enables users to view personalized plug load usage and quantify and regulate individual plug loads.

Work Order Analysis

FuseMap analyzes work orders to determine employee sentiments, weighty issues, and analysis of main requests through artificial intelligence to solve equipment reliability problem, improve employee comfort, maintenance performance and get better maintenance results.

Energy Contract Storage & Management

FuseMap provides Solutions used to facilitate and manage energy procurement process.

Smart Thermostat Control

Our patented machine learning algorithms automatically adjust thermostat settings in buildings based on trends gathered by data points.

Utility Accounts & Workflow Management

FuseMap provides solutions for property managers to manage the process of opening and closing utility accounts.

Sustainability & Emissions Reporting

FuseMap tracks trends in energy and carbon impact, visualizes real-time energy data to understand consumption patterns and automates reporting for purposes of compliance and benchmarking standards such as energy star.

Employee Engagement

FuseMap provides building occupants with more personalized and local control of their office environment, as there is a demonstrable link between occupant comfort and workplace productivity.

Asset Mapping & Management

FuseMap provides solutions for property managers to identify, inspect, track and manage real estate assets including maintenance management.

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